If you remember from recent updates, Sabina spoke a bit too much and Dominic heard her. That's how he knows that Mar knows.

20 replies to “Tranquilized”

  1. Forest

    I am about to jump off the edge of my seat, I want to know what will happen to alex, and secondly to Mar and Dominic.

    • Inky

      I am afraid the story will not focus on Alex anytime soon. About Mar and Dominic, you'll find out soon.

  2. Daniel

    tranquilized and tide up I'd say...
    so Inky? any thoghts in the new comic? how are you gona call it?

    • Inky

      Still no name or tentative dates for that. Sorry.

  3. The moment i was waiting: the confrontation between mar and Dominic!

    • Inky

      That had to cause a bit of commotion.

      • Sheela

        Confrontations like that always hinge on one aspect though, will she believe him when he says she has nothing to fear, or does she think he is lying ?

        • Inky

          Well, we'll se soon if he can be trusted. At any rate he's saner than the two friends.

          • Sheela

            Saner than ...?

            Well, that doesn't say much !!! XD

            • Inky

              I meant saner than Ludo and Julian. The two are sort of friends now.

  4. Angie

    I came upon this site on twc today and after the first couple comics, I was hooked. I read ALL of your comics in one sitting and I love the way the story is unfolding.. just the right amount of humor, mystery, romance, and sex. I also really loved the few strips where you would "break the fourth wall" and put yourself in the story.. these were fun, unpredictable, and quite witty.
    Above all, your characters are incredibly lovable - especially the ladies. (I must say though, you have a lot of lesbian action but no gay male scenes.. is there any reason for that?)
    Nonetheless, keep up the good work, Inky! Can't wait for the next one!

    • Sheela

      Aye, welcome to the comment demons' area !
      Leave your soul at the doorstep for us to devour and all is good.


      • so, it was you who stole my soul?

        [--Edit--]i needed it!! i was going to sell for super powers...

        • Sheela

          He he heeeeh eh he he he ....
          you didn't need those superpowers anyways. :)

          Unless ... would they make you bake cake ?

          • no. they would make me bake SUPAR CAKES!!

            • Sheela



              That's awesome !!

              *tries to consume CHaoS's sould*

              I wanna bake supah cakes tooooooo!!

        • Inky

          Your abbrevaition was just as offensive as if you had written the full word!

          Please be nice or stay away.

          • i was joking, i never meant it as a real insult... always when i insult people i am joking, with the intention of making the person laught too... sorry if it came across as to insultive or to swerish, i wont do it again.

            • Inky

              Thank you. Sorry I held you for moderation. You're clear now.

    • Inky

      Well, no qualms about gay scenes, but not my cup of tea either. But who knows!

      Welcome to this comic and thanks for your words!