Somebody's watching porn

Ludo's attention is suddenly diverted. And his blood too.

The bad Sabina vs good Sabina story going on on TWC is not terribly original, I know...

14 replies to “Somebody's watching porn”

  1. You didn't lost your day, Ludo.

    • Inky

      That's his day's highligh so far, but who knows what may be waiting for him next.

  2. Seb

    The girls seem to be enjoying themselves... wish that'd happen to me more often.. ;)

    • Seb

      After reading the TWC strip... Aren't the angelic miniature supposed to be the good one? ;)

      • Inky

        Well, looks like the good Sabina doesn't have the black and white sense of morality she's supposed to have.

  3. Sheela

    Seems Ludo has a bit of luck there. :)

    and the TWC story might not be original, but I agree that it is fun.

    • Inky

      Yup he probably felt a good relief.

      Ah, I think you meant the girls!

  4. Bubbaclaw

    Well I was half-right about Pearl at least.

    • Inky

      Half right about what, I wonder :).

      • Bubbaclaw

        About Pearl having sex with one of the girls from the circus troupe. {I made mention a few strips back that I had a feeling it was going to involve her, one of the girls and a strap-on. I was half right. Although, I thought it was going to be devil-girl, not angel-girl.}

        • Inky

          Ah, you're right, I remember your comment! Well it was angel girl's turn this time.

  5. Steve

    Ludo has an enviable view, indeed. That door's pretty wide-open for an "accident", too. ;)

    The TWC story isn't unique, but it's fun! All the more incentive to vote, too. ;)

    • Inky

      Maybe too wide open, and the girls don't seem to notice he's standing there.

  6. and thats why i thought there wouldnt be a problem making a joke with the.. the word.. bi... erm... wwhat was i saying again?