The best comfort

Alex has rocking chairs everywhere.

Thank you for six straight months on page 1 of Top Webcomics! Even if I am not too serious about it. This month I am doing weekly comic page incentives. Silly stuff.

12 replies to “The best comfort”

  1. Sheela

    Man, I miss my old rocker.
    There's something amazingly soothing about sitting in a rocker.

    We need a vote intencive with a rocker in it !
    well ... after we find out what happens to Mar. :)

    • Inky

      Um, I don't think so... but rockets maybe! Sabina will probably be put in orbit by an angry Mar!

  2. Bubbaclaw

    That's sweet. I long to find a lady like that.

    • Inky

      She's a nice lady.

  3. Steve

    :) A good story, interesting art, and believable characters. Voting for your comic is the least we can do. :D

    • Inky

      Thanks, Steve.

      • Sheela

        Yes, all of that, not to mention you ogive us side tie bikinies for Sabina to fiddle with. :)

        • Inky

          One thing among many that make Sabina yield to naughty temptations!

          • Sheela

            Yessss - Come to the Dark Side .... we have cookies. :)

  4. It's a very "awwwww" moment^^
    Weekly incentive? You crazy! I even have difficulties to make one by month! But this is rewarding yes :D

    • Inky

      Crazy were the previous detailed images. I am more than a month ahead in updates so no big deal. If I had a lot of money to pay for ads, I wouldn't bother with TWC.

    • Weiser

      I completely agree with the 'awwww' situation. Guess it's pretty convenient that the rocker is standing by the side of her bed.