Sneaky like a ghost

...Sneaky like a thief!

A few pages back angel girl showed interest in Pearl.

Almost all the characters are at the party now.

All the upcoming pages are drawn, colored and shaded, up to the last one! I feel somewhat weird, because I used to make the comics hours before they were published.

Well, I guess I can now focus on deciding what to do next.

21 replies to “Sneaky like a ghost”

  1. Maybe Pearl will speak one day...Oh, the comic is almost finished, it's screwed XD

    • Zuberi

      Pearl has spoken already. She gets talkative after sex...

    • Inky

      I don't really understand, the comic is somehow screwed...

  2. Michael

    Where did angel girls wings go in the final two frames? :O

    • Inky

      Hah, I know, I know!


      • Michael

        Yey much better. :)

        Sorry for my first comment being that hah. Have been reading these for a while now though and to make up for the lack of positiveness in my first comment let me say in my second I think your exceptionally good at drawing facial expresions/emotions. I love how you capture the blank yet enquiring look of angel girl looking around for pearl and also the joy/excitement in finding her in the final frame. :)

        • Inky

          Thanks and no worries.

          • Sheela

            Hmmmmm - if that is how it works

            oh hey, where's angel girls panties ? :D

            • Inky

              Under her dress, or laying in a drawer somewhere.

              Not sure what works how, the previous comments were about errors in my drawings.

              • Sheela

                Well, if talking about her wings makes them appear, then perhaps,

                talking about her panties
                .... ?
                Profit !


  3. bobbo

    so are you finshing this comic? well i have an idea for anthor one but i don't know how to draw but would like to see it put up. ok here it is [---deleted.---]

    • Inky

      I have my own ideas for new comics thank you.

      Also, sorry for deleting most of your message, but it was too long, unrelated to my comic and had no punctuation.

  4. Sheela



    Also, is Pearl the new Sabina V2.1 ?
    Well, I guess Sabina still have Devil girl ?

    • Inky

      Haha Pearl is the new Sabina!

      Looks like Sabina has been a bit goody goody lately! But she had her moments, she shouldn't complain.

      • Sheela

        But still .. Sabina wants to be s3XX0r'ed too !
        I'm sure of it.

        I'm a bit unsure what exactly s3XX0rz are, but I'm sure she wants some. :)

        • Bubbaclaw

          Thanks. I needed that laugh.

  5. Bubbaclaw

    Why do I get the feeling that the next strip involves Pearl, a strap-on dildo, and one or more other girls?

    • Inky

      Maybe not the next one, maybe not exactly like that, heheh.

  6. Crono

    This looks like it will get fun very quickly! ;)

    • Inky

      Most probably.