Just one sip

On page 206, Alex was about to drink from that bottle, when Julian and Ludo showed up.

12 replies to “Just one sip”

  1. Eric

    I bet the bottle is poisoned

  2. OOooOOOooOoOoo .... the plot thickens... awaiting the arrival of the liberated circus troupe.

    • Inky

      They'll be joining soon.

  3. Crono

    Oh dear. This does not look good. But at least he tossed his gun into the ocean! :)

    • Inky

      Yes he did (but see page 110).

  4. Uh oh, will he turn into a mischiefs maker again?

    • Inky

      You can expect anything from him.

      • Sheela

        Can he even turn into a pink elephant ? :)

        • Inky

          Any color but pink.

          • Sheela

            Dang - That's pretty impressive ! :D

  5. Daniel

    or the entire botel.... I hope he won't do something bad

    • Inky

      Anything is possible.