Not feeling well

The story slowly moves on.

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  1. Bubbaclaw

    I love the fact that he's making her his heir, without actual proof that she is his heir.

  2. Lunaroki

    I've been admiring the latest vote incentive picture for a while now and just today I heard these words coming out of the magician's mouth:

    "And now ladies and gentleman, observe as my lovely assistant makes my magic wand disappear right before your very eyes!"

    • Inky

      Well, maybe that was inevitable and that's why I made a few modifications from her original pose.

      At any rate, thank you very much for admiring it!

      • Sheela

        Heh, well, it's worth admiring a bit.

        Heck, your normal comic updates gets some luv too, see those curtains ? Not just one set, but two ! Love those little details that sneaks in. But then, I have mentioned my fasination with your backgrounds before. :)

        • Inky

          Thanks. I'm glad you notice the work I put into making backgrounds.

  3. Yiiks: I hope he's not having a stroke or something :(

    • Crono

      I was thinking maybe a heart attack. Are we bad people for assuming this so quickly?

      • Sheela

        We are not, he is supposed to be an elderly gentleman after all, and it does happen quite often.

        • Crono

          True. I guess we won't know for sure until Inky reveals it himself! :)

          • Sheela

            Indeed, it could just be a bad case of gas for all we know.

            However, chekovs gun says that if it's included, it must be important to the plot, so it is likely that it's something serious, even if it doesn't kill him.

      • Lunaroki

        I'm hoping he's just heartsick over the loss of his little friend. It really is a tragic loss, and still fresh in his memory. After all, it's the very same day.