Ludo's confession

Ludo seems to be struggling with something inside him.

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  1. Sheela

    Might be that the thing inside of him, is the artist that wants to come out ... can't do that on false credentials though.

    • Inky

      Maybe he could. But he told Mar and she could decide to expose him.

      • Sheela

        Well, if he's lucky ... and I mean REALLY lucky ... Mar could decide to rewrite and release the book with him as a co-author, improving what weak bits there might be and make it a bestseller!

        That way, she could capitulate on his name being well known, and he could capitulate on her writing skills.
        Maybe she could become a sort of muse to him ?

        Unless she exposes him - In that case shenanigans might occur!
        And Pearl might get nekkid too. :)

        But sometimes writer work great in concert, like one of my favorite duo-author books must be "March to the stars" by David Weber and John ringo. Sci-Fi clashes with renaissance technology. It's good stuff.

        • Inky

          Interesting! I like the part about Pearl.

          • Sheela

            Indeed - It's what she does best. :D

  2. Ho...Seems his sanity has come back :D

    • Inky

      He didn't have any to begin with.

  3. Bubbaclaw

    Something sounds fishy here.

    • Inky

      He hasn't the best record of honesty, but who knows.

  4. Daniel

    didn't see that one coming!!! maybe the "evil duo" is not that evil... will his partner confes too???!!!

    Or they could hold every one hostage using the gun in Alex's desk and that is why ludo to confess becouse no one will survive the party muahahahahahahaha. No siriusly inky it looks like you'll finish this with an espectacular and unpredictible ending, I can't wait

  5. Weiser

    Nice turn with Ludo! I hope he does not have anything sinister in mind!

    • Inky

      You never know, he could be being honest.

      • Sheela

        Or he could be an alien !!! :o