Dominic's betrayal

Dominic and daughters betray their old criminal associates.

20 replies to “Dominic's betrayal”

  1. Lunaroki

    Time to leave the damsel tied up on the railroad tracks in classic villainous fashion! No, wait, the damsels aren't the ones getting tied up. And the midgets are the badguys. And leaving midgets on the railroad tracks is just plain wrong... Okay, I am totally confused now. :/

    • Inky

      Dominic tying somebody up does look like one of those villains! But there aren't nor will be any railroads in this comic, so none of that is likely to happen.

  2. Daniel

    yes free free at last!!!!

    • Inky

      We'll see. We'll see.

      • Daniel

        what do you mean?? "the old criminal associates" have an ace in the hole??!!!!

  3. Bubbaclaw

    Good for them. :]

  4. Crono

    I would have been captured if i was the pale one! ^_^

    • Sheela

      mmMmmhm .... some practice catching might be in order. :)

  5. You did good Dominic!

    • Inky

      And the sisters too.

  6. Kobra

    Lassoing someone can't in all actuality be that easy right?

    • Inky

      Walking on stilts, playing piano, cracking safes, piece of cake!

    • Kelly

      With a fair bit of practice, certainly.

      • also, hes a miget. that should make it easier, right?

        • Inky

          So it would seem.

  7. Steve

    Second oldest trick in the book! Right after, "Those apples sure look good, don't they?" :)

    • Inky

      Not sure what kind of apples, but fruit is good.

      • Sheela

        And then Inky ate the poisoned apple and fell into a deep sleep. And he slept for a hundred years, while the evil stepmother took his rightful place.

        And lo, there he lies, in a glass coffin, in an enchanted castle, waiting for his prince on a white harley to appear and kiss him, thus waking him from his sleep.

        ... he heeeh he he he ...

        • Inky

          Whaaaat? Nooooo! Not that I have anything against that scenario, but not likely to happen in Inkyland!

          Ahh! Duh, poisoned apples! And I was thinking of certain female attributes!

          • Sheela

            Oh I see .. your mind was in the gutter ? :D

            Also .. Prince on the White Harley has to happen some time. :)