A surprise in the drawer

Alex made a mistake leaving these two guys unattended in his house.

10 replies to “A surprise in the drawer”

  1. CHaoS

    yeah, go opening drawers on other peoples homes.

  2. NOW, they have a gun...Again!

    • Inky

      Dropping the other one into the ocean was not enough.

  3. Bubbaclaw

    Guns in desk drawers are never a good sign.

    • FC

      They are when it is my gun in my desk drawer

    • Steve

      Better than nudging your back as you walk down a dark alley. But yeah, not a sign of a peaceful household, usually.

    • Inky

      Yep, they never are.

  4. Edward

    The comic does not display properly.

    • Inky

      Also working fine for me. If it wasn't a temporary internet glitch, it would help to know what exactly is not displaying properly or what browser you are using.

    • Looks okay to me.