Untimely visit

Julian and Ludo show up at Alex's door unexpectedly and on a bad moment.

11 replies to “Untimely visit”

  1. Wolf

    Oh but I Will say something else, for your consideration in the future..
    Nice skimpy transparent top.

  2. Lupa

    Poor Alex. Poor Mouse. A bowl of clam chowder sounds wonderful right about now.

    • Inky

      That's an excellent idea (and I'm hungry now).

  3. And i'll ask what everybody wants to know:" what, those two guys, have in mind again?"

    • Inky

      They're always looking for new and improved ways to be creepy.

  4. Lunaroki

    Don't those two know better than to interrupt a man when he's enjoying a refreshing glass of bottled mineral water?

    • Inky

      Hah good one. They are experts at interrupting.

      • Sheela

        Ah, but sometimes, being interrupted while dwelling one ones sorrows can be a good thing.

        Maybe they are about to become heroes .. again !

        • Inky

          They may have been unintentionally timely, but who knows what shady intentions they actually have!

          • Sheela

            I do not know !

            Perhaps they want a picture painted of them and their lovely ladies ! :D

            • Inky

              Possibly, that would be nice.