Special mission

I know, it's hard to believe Mar didn't tell Sunny (David) that it was her birthday, after spending the night with him!

Also, it's not wise to walk downstairs looking at old photos! That didn't hit me until I had finished the page!

All pages for March are finished! The comic will end by early May or by the end of April if I make faster paced updates. After that, I plan to start a new website with a new fantasy mixed genre comic. I hope to do a comic better laid out from the beginning and not drastically change what I originally planned and then improvise so much.

25 replies to “Special mission”

  1. Kelly

    I like your artwork, and your approach to it - I will be reading your new strip, no matter what. I do, however, hope you will consider carrying on the relaxed attitude towards nudity and sex you have established in this one. I will admit, at first, sometimes it got a bit over the top, but one of the most important points to me is that you've drawn the girls very realistically, without showing them laying down with their legs wide spread like something from an ob/gyn textbook, and with breasts that don't have room enough to dock the USS Enterprise. You've done "mature" work that is actually mature, and not pornographic - and I really like that.

    • Inky

      Thanks! I just make the comic I would like to read! I am glad you like it and you described it better than I could.

      About the approach I may take regarding sex and nudity, I may have to split my efforts between regular and "over the top" comics.

  2. Daniel

    wow sad and happy on one side: no, the end is near!!!!!! and on the other: yiiiiiipiiiiiiiiii new comic!!!!!!!!

    • Inky

      Well, it's not happening too soon, but you are most welcome to follow any future comics.

      • Daniel

        THANKS I really am looking foward for this new comic, I mean you created something amaising and very entretainning out of just a few days of vacation, if you can do that, I can't wait to see what you do in a fantasy gener comic!!!

  3. HumalaDuck

    I too am a bit shocked to hear that the comic will be ending in only two or three months. I don't know if I feel the story has enough life left in it that it should keep going, or if I'm surprised that it is even possible to wrap it all up in so short a time, or both. In any case, I'll miss it when it's gone.
    Also, I don't think you should feel at all bad that Ink Dolls didn't necessarily go where you originally want it to, or in the way you planned. That's just the creative process in action. Or, if you prefer to think of it another way: it self-edited in real time in response to the independent evolution of the plot. Or something. In any case, however you originally intended it to go, I've quite enjoyed the comic we've gotten. Kudos, I say!

    • Inky

      Thanks! I don't know either if there is enough story to go on for very long, but things will certainly wrap up. I am not all that unhappy with the way things evolved and I'm glad you enjoyed my comic.

  4. Bubbaclaw

    The only thing that describes this in my opinion is, "Awwww!". It's almost too cute Inky. :]

    • Inky

      Mar got flowers!

  5. Steve

    Mar gets caught up in things. I could see her riding down the street, peering at photos. :D

    But I'm glad that she's being appreciated...just hope it's not a trap! :o

    • Inky

      It's funny I've made you think a party could be a trap.

  6. IceAX

    I'll be sorry to see this comic end, been following it since it's first month of existance.

    • Inky

      Oh, I had very few readers back then! I'm glad you stuck around.

  7. illyria

    "world chrashes into bilion pieces :3"

    • Inky

      The poor world.

  8. Oww, nearly the end, it's a bit sad, but i'm curious to see what you'll do next^^

    • Inky

      A quite different thing. A bit sad yes.

  9. Seb

    I'll miss this comic, but am looking forward to see what's coming. I trust you will put a link here to the new comic, when the time comes?

    • Inky

      I'll post a link certainly.

  10. Sheela

    Ack ... the end is near !! :o

    On the flipside, I look forward to the next comic as well.
    With all you learned from this one, there's proper potential. :)

    As for Mar walking down the stairs, if you know an area well enough, you can often navigate it in almost complete darkness, simply by memory. That's sorta how blind people get around after all.

    • Inky

      It still makes me afraid to see her go down the stairs so distracted!

      And even if it's not too soon, I hope you'll follow what comes next and I also hope there's potential.

      • Sheela

        I like fantasy comic, so yeah ... good chance of me following your next comic too.

        Will it have a comment system like this comic has ? :)

        • Inky

          About a new comic, I don't even have a name for it, so I'm not sure of anything yet.

          A few funny comments here have made me laugh and I really appreciate that. I enabled them only because a couple other comic guys asked. Dealing with spam and the occasional rude remark spoil the fun sometimes though.

          • Sheela

            Well, if you don't make a new comic, what then ?
            Just stop drawing ?
            Stop telling stories ?

            Could you do that ?

            • Inky

              Ah, my previos reply is confusing! What I meant is that a comment system is a concern to be addressed when the time comes, after taking care of many other details implied in building a new comic, which is not a totally solid project yet.