Hello Catalina

Alex isn't so free of guilt himself, since he's been gathering information about Mar and her cousins.

Sabina is not very happy to see Julian.

12 replies to “Hello Catalina”

  1. Almost all the characters are set, i can't wait for the gran final.

    • Inky

      It's going to be one hell of a party!

  2. Sheela

    Well, now that Julian has a new girlfriend, he might be able to apologize to Sabina and make amends, since he's no longer obsessing about her.

    • Inky

      Heheh, well who knows if the waiter miss Lola can already be called a girlfriend, but let's hope Julian can do things right with Sabina without the help of his new friend in the desk drawer.

      • Sheela

        True, true ... but then, she did accept his invitation despite his earlier rude behavior, so some interest must be there. :)

        Unless she has a secret loveaffair with a porcelain horse or something like that. In which case, OMG U PERV !!! :D

        • Inky

          It was Ludo who was rude, to the stripper. Julian was actually charming when the waitress gave him her number. At any rate, we'll see if those ladies or their porcelain horses still have a part to play.

          • Sheela

            Oh, right, right ... I got them mixed up, sorry about that.

            And did Porcelain Horses just become a new euphenism ? :)

            • Inky

              Happens to me too, with serial comics I read. I sometimes even make mixup mistakes on my own drawings.

  3. Bubbaclaw

    I would be surprised if she WAS happy to see that guin weilding psycho.

    • Inky

      She'd run away, if she knew about his dangeous interests.

  4. Steve

    Surprise! Our special guests today are.... :P

    • Inky

      ...A phony writer, his unstable friend and the lovely thieves expected to join later.