Sabina's concience bites

Sabina is not feeling good for her pranks.

15 replies to “Sabina's concience bites”

  1. Sheela

    oOooo ...new vote thingy ! :D

    Half-nekkid steampunk. :D

    • Inky

      Ah that thing on the foreground! It was not steampunk on pourpose.


      • Sheela

        It's not just the thingy in the foreground, but also the building in the background, they have that odd feel to them, and would fit right into a steampunk world.

        On a sidenote, I'm really digging the little clock thingy on the foreground thingy .. for some reason I keep looking at it, when I really should be looking at the half nekkid girl !


  2. Now i'm wondering who is the most dangerous...Diamond thieves or the dynamic duo?

    • Inky

      Good question!

      Although at the current pace, the answer is not coming very soon.

  3. Steve

    Diabolically delicious! :o

  4. Bubbaclaw

    Methinks Mar might be in trouble.

    • Lunaroki

      Nah. Sabina's got the kind of luck that causes her to say the wrong thing only at the right time. Mr. Bluehair up there likes Sabina and Mar. He'll do right by them.

      • Inky

        The dangerous ones are Mr Bluehair's little partners.

        • Sheela

          Ah, but are they more dangerous than Mar's kisses ? :D

          • Inky

            Haha. Well, her kisses haven't killed anybody yet.

            • Sheela

              But .. but .. what if her kissies made them rependant ?!

              • Inky

                Angel girl had the craze in her, Mar just triggered it. If Mar had strange kiss powers, Sunny would have gone nuts too. Hmm, I need to draw that kiss.

  5. Seb

    Sabina shouldn't talk quite as much...

    • TekServer

      That's what he said ...