Paint job

Mar will probably never know what consequences her kiss had.

14 replies to “Paint job”

  1. Daniel

    wow Mar has.... corupted some one!!!!!!!!!!!
    my mind is blown!

    • Inky

      Even if she was just too drunk.

  2. Doing a little paint job hey? They still very noticeable! (i assume they do this to avoid cops).

    • illyria

      hey it's little, just look at the size of what they're painting :P

      • Inky

        I stand corrected, it was a BIG job.

    • Inky

      Yes, they are still too noticeable! They need a bigger change than just a different paint color.

  3. Kelly

    I like the see-through effect on Pearl's top!

    • Inky

      Heh, good catch. I like it too.

  4. Bubbaclaw

    So the angel has turned devilish. Interesting.

    • Inky

      Both sisters are more alike now.

  5. Crono

    So Mar can kiss the angel out of somebody?? whoa!

    • Inky

      Well, not the angel, just the fake self righteous role.

      • Sheela

        Still pretty impressive though.

        I wonder what she could do with the devil ?
        Kiss her inhibitions away ?

        Not that she had a lot to begin with. :)

        • Inky

          Better not take the chance. Who knows what unknown powers Mar's kisses have.