The letter

Grandma finally reads Alex's letter. Why didn't he just use the phone?

13 replies to “The letter”

  1. Daniel

    is it me or granma looks a litle like mar?

    • Manarax

      Duh! Grandmother and granddaughter...

    • Inky

      Because they are family (and because of poor planning on my side), they bear resemblance.

  2. Yeah: Nestor wearing shoes it's like Nestor talking...it's RARE.

    • Inky

      Heheh. Add hair and he would be another guy!

  3. Bubbaclaw

    I love the comment about him wearing shoes. *chuckles*

    • Inky

      There is always a first time.

  4. Steve

    Sometimes it *is* easier just to write a letter. Get out all of your thoughts without interruption, and leave the words *there* so that if someone thinks they didn't get something, they can re-read and try to understand it better.

    • Inky

      For that and for dramatic effect in a comic too.

      • Sheela

        Also, they both belong to an age where the telephone was a new invention and letters was the way you used to communicate.

        We may take cellphones for granted now, but they are really rather new.

        • Inky

          Alex is just old fashioned. You're right about how new cellphones are, not to mention internet.

          • Sheela

            Yup, but we sure took to it with a zest.

            Heck, even landlines are not that old, most people didn't have a private landline by 1945, the real push was post world war II.

            Color television, was in the 1970's.

            So much came so recently.

            • Daniel

              well every day there is some thing new out there and most of the time we take it for granted... it just pruves that humanity is moving far faster than what it usted to, that is why it's great to think of tomorrow we cann't know what we'll discover. did you know that the oil was thought to be nothing more than a waste and now is the substance from which almost everything comes from even electricity.