Hospital visit

7 replies to “Hospital visit”

  1. Sheela

    Looks like the girls suddenly got a new extended family to play with. :)

  2. Bubbaclaw

    And things turned out well. :]

  3. Wow, Julian looks absolutly creepy in his own frame, good job!

    • Sheela

      Yeah, I have to say Inky was very successful with that frame. :)

      He's just ... kinda "not there" in that frame.

      • Phantom5582

        Sounds like he might have gotten some brain damage or a concussion and is still recovering from it.

        • Sheela

          Quite possible, he did after all take a rock to his head.

          • Forest

            Poor Juli-LUDO I mean! Julian deserved what came to him. He is lucky to have a friend like Ludo. If Ludo disliked him he'd be in a world of hurt right now. I wonder what will become of the theives, being that Inky said they were not appeating in this comic anymore... Oh well I feel I have said enough... Har har har