Sabina: “Sabina is pure cheerful perversion”.

Those are not my words but the words of a great comic artist named Fap Material. I could not have made a better description.

Sabina is a young actress who lives crazy adventures. The current comic is not the wildest one, but she gets action for sure.

Mar: Marina? Marcela? Mariana? Who knows. Mar is a short name for women popular in Spain, even though the action in this comic doesn’t happen in Spain.

Mar is Sabina’s cousin. She is the smart, sensible and sane of the bunch. Or is she? She seems to have a little friend that pops from nowhere and nobody else can see.

She is the brainy one, but also a traffic stopper hottie with piercing green eyes.

Ángel: Cousin Angel is a handsome young fellow who shares some of the intellectual interests of Mar.

He and his brother are also known have some remarkable physical attributes.

Néstor: Ángel's brother. The most silent of them all. He is very shy and laughs easily.

"Dreamy eyes and kissable lips". Such is the definition of a young female artist from hArtists. I can't disagree.

For some reason he doesn't bear much resemblance to his older brother. Will the reason of this be revealed?

Grandma Catalina: The grandmother of the cousins.

She's a widow living alone in the big house. She is a reknown writer.

She has a painful secret she would rather keep to herself.

Pearl: Lives next door to grandma.

Quite the mystery, she hardly ever talks.

She's like Sabina in many regards.

Clara: Local girl from a wealthy family.

She develops a strange relationship with Pearl.

David (aka Sunny): Qualified technician, a true handyman. If something doesn't work, he's your man.

Mar finds him irresistible.

Be careful to not leave broken things lying around, he'll try to fix them right away.

Julian: Sabina's older exboyfriend.

This guy has issues, avoid him when he's drunk, he can be very dangerous.

He can be a good friend though.

Ludo Talvolta: A famous writer.

He's a jerk, but maybe there's some goodness in him.

He has cheated big time and needs to redeem himself.