18 replies to “Interrogation”

  1. Qalypso

    Just remember to take regular hot (as you can stand, but not scalding) baths from now on and you will be fine...

    • Inky

      Okay, I'll keep that in mind (not that I am using cold water) :)

  2. HumalaDuck

    "That's how he laughs!" Has to be one of the greatest recovers ever. =]

    • Inky

      Sabina thinks fast.

  3. "har har har" because he's a pirate!

    • Inky

      He'd say "Arr arr arr" :)

  4. Sheela

    AHA ... the mystery surgery is done !
    And hints of the new mystery project too!
    Hope all is well, I'm looking forward to more news.

    And you gotta love Sabina's snarky response to them getting caught. :D

    • Inky

      Sabina is being too honest!

      I'll post news as soon as possible.

      • Steve

        :D I was surprised about that. If anyone, I'd expect Sabina could keep a secret or a million. ;)

        • Inky

          Well, they already know. Sabina is smart to know she has to answer the truth to their trick questions.

  5. Manarax

    Congrats on the surgery Inky, get well soon.

    • Inky


  6. artie4

    Hope the surgery was minor and all is well. Thanks for the update and take care.

    • Inky

      Yep, it was minor. Thanks.

  7. Bubbaclaw

    It's great that you're feeling well Inky.

    • Inky

      Thanks, Bubbaclaw.

  8. I'm glad the surgery went well! I hope you mend well and are feeling better ¡Tan pronto!

    • Inky

      Thanks Memo.