This is a guest page by Yellowgerbil. To read his comic and the page I made for him, please visit his site

Guest page by Yellowgerbil

Yellowgerbil's part of a trade I made with him. He makes a comic named 'Zoe the Vampire' that goes about the sex life of Zoe. You can read it on

I made a guest page as well, this is the link.

6 replies to “Guest page by Yellowgerbil”

  1. DonDueed

    Ha, I love that Sabina totally missed the Greek amphora and spearpoint!  Nothing but rubbish on this beach...

    P.S. Inky, I'm totally taking credit for hooking yellowgerbil up with you -- I suggested you as a possible partner for guest comics. :-)

    • Inkdolls

      All credits for this page go to Yellowgerbil.

      Oh, okay, that explains the "little bird" thing. Thanks for suggesting it.

  2. Wonderfully in-character! I love seeing highly compatible guest-page-trades.

    • Inkdolls

      Yeah, it was great of Yellowgerbil to propose this exchange and his page made my day when he sent it to me.

      • DonDueed

        Not only is it in the spirit of InkDolls, it actually gives us a laugh in each of the four panels!  

        Although that last panel has an 'ouch' to go with the laugh...

        • Mysto

          Oh boy, there would be sand in... places.