Mar blushes

I went looking into the older pages to find out if the stripper had a name. What I found out is that when I named this Lola, there was already another one, the waitress, and they appear together in several pages!

There will be a very special update this Wednesday. Something that I prepared with another comic artist.

8 replies to “Mar blushes”

  1. jamie59

    Mar how do you plan to Pole Dance if your Art Pictures embarrass you so?

    • Inkdolls

      Mar practices poledance as a form of art and fitness 🙂.

  2. DonDueed

    Mar is very cute when she blushes.  We'll have to find more ways to embarrass her.  Or em-bare-ass her, which may amount to the same thing.  Heh.

    • Inkdolls

      She'll have more of both 🙂

  3. edcentric

    A bright spot on Mondays, and now we are off on an adventure.

    • Inkdolls

      Mar will have an interesting day.

  4. Steve

    Thanks for bringing us more of these fascinating stories!  :)

    • Inkdolls

      Thanks and you're welcome 🙂