Best cousin ever (end)

Good bye!

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  1. Weber134

    So now the comics over (sad face) will you be releasing the vote pics for all to see? I feel I missed some?

    • Fred Stoll

      This is just too good to end, especially like this!

    • Inky

      I may eventually post them on this site's neglected gallery, but not anytime soon. Sorry!

      Thanks for your interest though.

  2. Forest

    A wonderful ending indeed. I hope to see much more art soon, it doesn't have to be Ink Dolls, I just wanna have something to look forward to everyday. Oh, and I'm thinking about setting up my gravatar so I hope to see you all soon!

    • Inky

      Get it soon. This site will become static soon, comments will be closed and everything will freeze, including avatar icons.

    • Forest

      I also want to say that the ending couldn't have been cuter. "The clouds look like dolls made of ink." HAR HAR HAR

  3. Miamistax

    I echo Garibaldi. Please tell us another tale. Such storytelling and artistic talent is a joy to behold.

    • Inky

      Haha, not sure I live up to such words, but thank you very much!

  4. Garibaldi

    Thanks for the great story and wonderful art. Hopefully you will art. Hopefully you will endeavor to ink and color another. Well done!

    • Inky

      I do intend to make more similar stuff. Thank you.

      • Sheea

        You better !! :D

  5. Sheela

    Gotta admit, the ending with the children laughing like pirates is neat. Just like the jewel thief. :)

    • Inky

      That just looked like the right ending, even if it makes no sense because they are kids and haven't met him yet! :)

      • Sheela

        Pfft, logic - children have no need for it. :)

  6. Steve

    :) Thank you, Inky, for a good story about interesting people.

    • Inky

      Thank you for following it!

  7. TekServer

    The question mark after "the end" gives us hope ...


    • Inky

      Eventually coming back is not discarded.

  8. Manarax

    Darn you Inky *wiping eyes*.

    • Inky

      Oops, sorry!

      • Manarax

        no prob just trying to be funny Har Har!

  9. Bubbaclaw

    Awww. That was just too cute.

    • Inky

      Thanks. And thanks for all your comments!