Clouds and cookies

Har har har

17 replies to “Clouds and cookies”

  1. Dub56

    I really enjoyed the series. Any chances of trading up the first chapter of this magnum opus?

  2. You've been quiet Inky. I hope you are on the mend. Te extrañamos.

    • Inky

      I had to go back. They didn't let me leave for two full weeks. Luckily the automatic schedule worked.

      I was missing and not able to reply. Sorry and thanks.

      • No need to apologize, sir. Your health is more important. We, your fans/followers, worry about you.

        • Sheela

          Listen to Memo, he's speaking the truth. :)

          .. we do worry about you.

          • Inky

            Aw, thanks. I was never too bad, but doctors kept me captive anyway.

            And thanks for all the active commenting!

            • Sheela

              Well, that's good to hear ... though you have never told us what it is that ails you !

              And, uh ... yeah, I might have done a bit much comments today .. heeh he he, well, I was excited that you were back ! :D

              • Inky

                Heh, I meant, for comments posted over the last 100 pages or so!

                Sorry I wasn't all that open to discuss my illness, but this being the internet and all, I could be sharing too much.

                • We respect your privacy sir.

                • Sheela

                  Ah well, the comics where worth posting on, plus the comment system is real convenient and everything - I like it. :)

  3. Awww it's over, nice ending btw. And i hope you're doing well.

    • Inky

      Thank you! This was a lot of hard work and I'm really glad I was able to reach this point!

      And thanks, I'm fine.

      • You're telling me! Running a webcomic is a one man army job. You did very well^^
        And glad you're fine^^

        • Inky

          I knew you'd relate to that! It's hard work indeed.

  4. Sweet ending to a delightfully sexy and weird tale .

    • Inky

      Thank you.

  5. Sheela

    Seems they have come full circle. :)