Cool town

12 replies to “Cool town”

  1. Weiser

    Does Pearl overreact? It seems that we, the audience will get to know some things about her past.

    • Inkdolls

      We will soon.

  2. plymayer

    Creepy mayor

    • Inkdolls

      Yes, she's kind of scary.

  3. HumalaDuck

    As previously established, this is why she always wears shoes even if she's otherwise nude: she never knows when she's going to have to make a break for it.

    • Inkdolls

      Oh yes. You don't want to be caught barefooted when the time comes.

      • Aww but that makes naked complete!

        • Inkdolls

          Yep. The old full naked vs naked with shoes.

  4. Jamie59

    Pearl's really upset! Don't get run over.

    • Inkdolls

      Don't worry, she made it safely to the other side 😅.

  5. Steve

    What?  It's not like she -can't- be inappropriate!  :D

    • Inkdolls

      I know, right? 😃. There are lots of worse forms of inappropriateness.