This gentleman

Hi. Please excuse the indecent banners, but they have a very special meaning.

The comic 'Mala Tinta' is getting an English version. I should have started posting it a long time ago, but things didn't go as I originally expected.

But there's also a brand new fantasy adventure comic coming up to replace Ink Dolls in the few next days. Stay tuned.

7 replies to “This gentleman”

  1. Jamie59

    LOL! Hi dad.

    • Inky

      I'm sure this has happened countless times.

  2. Whoa, I'm interested in BOTH of these new comics you're talking about. Make sure we don't somehow miss out!

    • Inky

      If all goes well, it starts along the next update.

  3. Noid

    "Did I tell you I came here to be away from my Crazy Mother?" is what Mar was trying to say, I'm sure.

    • Inky

      Sorry about the typo.

    • The man who knows all

      She probably meant "from".