I'll announce new comics soon with new characters and adventures.

Thanks for reading.

8 replies to “Bookworm”

  1. The man who knows all

    It takes a lot of strength to hold that position and still talk to the person entering the room.

    • Inky

      I had't think of that! The pose is supposed to be a snapshot of a quick movement, but at the same time Mar is realizing her mother just came in and is talking to her!

      It's a funny detail I wouldn't have noticed by myself.

  2. so pleased to see you decided to continue this comic, your art work is always so enjoyable.

    • inky

      Thanks for your words and thanks for reading.

  3. Jamie59

    Mom just rememberer she has cloths on. But it's fun to imagine her without.
    Maybe she's practicing for a special friend.

    • Inky

      Maybe she'll do a show for her friends and a more private one for her boyfriend.

  4. plymayer

    Hey, it is good exercise.

    • Inky

      It's good exercise and can be practiced for fun.