Mar's lucky night

This is one of those pages which I have specially looked forward to make. The flow is probably weird, but, well... I guess you get the general idea.

Last page of 2010! Lucky new year!

15 replies to “Mar's lucky night”

  1. chumash99

    In case you're wondering about the whole pubic-hair obession, it was probably triggered by another recent sighting on the webcomic "Treading Ground". Unlike Mar, however, the lady in question was (as they say) no lady!

  2. Wow the first frame is really nice, i dig Mar's belly, very well done^^

  3. Malabie

    Yay, puuubes!

    Shaven or not, I think pubes are purely a matter of aesthetical taste. I don't think the other girls look prepubescent or slutty (if that's even an insult) without them... but they do suit Mar perfectly. <3

    Also, this particular strip just warms my heart in every way possible.

    • Inky

      I didn't know my comic could warm somebody's heart, so I'm very glad to hear that!

  4. Bubbaclaw

    Well I never meant to critisize you Inky, and if it came out that way to you I'm sorry. I'm pushing 40 and I'm of the generation that views pubic hair on a woman as something to be admired and cherished. [I've never understood the younger generation's hatred of their pubic hair. And I'd happily take a lady with a wild jungle on her crotch than one with a hairless vulva.]
    My comment earlier was due to my surprise and amazement that Mar had pubic hair instead of being shaven clean like her cousin.

    • Inky

      No offense taken! From your comment on page 151 I was in fact curious if you'd say something about Mar's previously unseen bits.

  5. Nice way to end the year Inky!

    • Sheela

      I agree - It is indeed a good end to the year.
      It's Mar's end in fact.

      It's good. :)

  6. Weiser

    These are really some tender, playful scenes. Thank you for this 2010 finale!

  7. Bubbaclaw

    Holy Shit Batman! I see pubic hair!
    And here I thought Mar was as smooth as her cousin. [What can I say, *shrugs shoulders* I PREFER kitties with fur on them. The whole shaved look never appealed to me.}

    • Steve

      Then the artist has truly designed Ink Dolls to appeal to many different tastes.

      I find 'em both to be delectable. ;)

      • Bubbaclaw

        It might be a case of personal taste, but what's wrong with women looking like WOMEN instead of pre-pubescent girls. Adult women should have pubic hair, even if it's a tiny patch on the apex of her mons.

        • Inky

          I've never implied there is anything wrong with pubic hair and I respect and appreciate everybody's opinions.

          Mar is just not the shaving type. I mean no special commentary with that.

          • Steve

            Yep, I agree. A woman's taste is...well, wonderful, but it's her own grooming decision. ;)

            While I agree with your aesthetic, women can look very much like a woman without pubic hair.

            Yeesh, a whole page devoted to the discussion of Mar and Sabina's pubic hair choices. Did you expect this energetic controversy when you made Mar's scene, Inky? :D

            • Inky

              Well, no big deal, but based on previous comments, I can't say I am surprised.