Old trick

Mar and Sunny get in the mood for a memorable night. You'll see more of them on the next installment.It's funny that some of you think he is creepy!

9 replies to “Old trick”

  1. Heh... for some reason I am remembering episodes from my 20s.
    Dude, the flashbacks are NOT pretty.
    Holy CRAP, I was a dork.

    Thanks LOADS... LOL

    • Inky

      Well, we get better with time and sorry for bringing back bad memories!

  2. Steve

    :D You go, Mar! Subtlety? That's a waste of time. ;)

    • Sheela

      What is this sublety you're talking about ? :D

  3. Daniel

    wow just wow
    is this the same mar that complaint about nudity o so long ago?!... and he is losing he's creepyness with each new update you make

    P.S.: how are you fealing after your operation or is it not done jet?? hope your ok or better

    • Inky

      Well, they are there for a reason, so no point in being too inhibited.

      Regarding the other thing... May not happen for weeks, but thanks anyway.

  4. Ho, he's good looking :D

    • Inky

      The guy works out.

  5. Bubbaclaw

    Hehehehe. That's funny and dirty at the same time.