Local attractions

10 replies to “Local attractions”

  1. Oh yes, why bothering with neoclassical cathedral when you have men club!

    • Inky

      Exactly, both cater for the spirit.

  2. Steve

    If nothing else, strip clubs are convenient. :)

  3. Here the "inferninhos" are open more during the day than the nights.

    • Inky

      And they must be quite something.
      Hello, by the way!

  4. Plymayer

    This could be interesting. Wonder who is inside?

    • Sheela

      It's a Men's Club, so there's be Naked Men ! :D

      • Inky

        With top hats and monocles.

        • Sheela

          Oh noes - It seems there are monocle muggers at large ! 8(


        • Sheela

          Oh yes!

          And they will speak like gentlemen and perhaps be a little .. uhm .. chemically inconvenienced.