Ludo's secret 2

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  1. Sheela

    He he, somebody's indulging their writer's side - and I'm not talking about the characters in the comic. :)

    Also you make some darn nice and detailed backgrounds, there's actual life going on around them. I see so many comics that just have a gradient as background and some talking heads. But this ie better, I like it. :)

    I take it that this is the stuff you wanted to try out when you were whining about the comic having too much sex / sexual innuendo in it ?

    • Ah yeah Background what a curse. personally i can't draw detailed background in my webcomic. Not that i don't want, it's more a matter of time...People ask me to update more often, yet i have diffculty to post a page by week. Most of webcomics are done on spare time and we don't earn money from these. So, yes, a lot of webcomics has cheap backgrounds, when you know that you have to: write story, draw it, ink it, color it and then edit it, it's already a large amount of work even with gradient walls lol. (not a rant, i just explain)

      But it's true that Inky's background are nice and very lively, that's a plus in his webcomic that pushes the quality further.

      • Sheela

        Oh I completely agree with you.
        Particularly the kicker about it being in your spare time and for free.
        You can only go so far with that.
        Though I have to say, some people go surprisingly far with what little resources they got.

        Me ?
        I'm just happy to read them ... all 150 or so I have bookmarked !!
        Thank god they don't all update every day, or I'd be a busy little doggy!

        • Glad you're enjoying reading those. I think most of webcomics makers do that to entertain people (in fact, that's what i do), and it's always nice when we succeed doing so.

          • Sheela

            I know ! :)

            That's why I try to leave feedback on many of them, because it gives the author's warm little fuzzy feelings when they learn that their work is being apprechiated !
            And it makes them wag their spiky hair.


            *feeds Angs' ego*

            Theeere's a good little artist, yes you are, here, have another cookie. :)

    • Inky

      Well... Just trying to make these characters a bit less simplistic.

      Ooh... whining? Sorry about that! But that was actually good, because many silent readers commented and I found out that I have many intelligent (some of them female!) readers.

      About the naughty bits, there was some problem which is now sorted out and there will be more of that, even naughtier.

      And thanks for your comments on the art!

      • Sheela

        Less simplistic can be good, as long as you don't go overboard.
        You don't want to go so far that everyone ends up completely neurotic, aka. the Hero's Curse as I like to call it. I mean, take Spiderman, all of his near and a good deal of his extended family and friendships have been involved in super heroing/supervillainy by now. They just can't have a normal life !

        That's not exactly normal, y'know ?

        Sometimes a person isn't too complicated, and that can be good too.