Hello, Mar!

8 replies to “Hello, Mar!”

  1. Sheela

    I forget .. but where was Mar going this time ?

    • Inky

      On page 157 Sabina is giving Mar directions, referring to some "Alex", as it was revealed on page 115. I have not reinforced the artist's name, my bad.

      Also, many unrelated things happened since then, so it's easy be confused.


      • Sheela

        Ahh, she's going to meet the mystery artist! :)
        Whom isn't all that mysterious anymore, I guess.

  2. Mar can talk to stuffed animals and real animals...She's awesome :D

    • Inky

      Plush toys and mice love her.

      • Steve

        And they haven't led her astray. I like that in a stuffed animal. ;)

  3. Ashton

    sometimes it's good to play pretend

    • Inky

      Especially if mysterious mice are involved.