I miss old grandpa

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  1. Sheela

    On a sidenote.
    The vote intensive with the Female knight.
    I'm sure they could fool the law and just SLEEP together.
    Technically, the rule says nothing about the hanky panky !


    • Inky

      You're right to be sure. Sequel coming up...

      • Sheela

        Then finally the knight get to rescue a princes! :)

        And who knows, next time she might even be as lucky as to get to rescue a prince.

  2. Seme

    Hi, I love the comic, it's lots of fun. I check it all the time for updates. It's an understandable spelling error to write 'together' as 'toghether', but I just wanted to sort of point that out. There isn't a single character in this that I'm not interested in, and I think that's very good for a cast this size. Thank you for this great comic and I'll keep reading :)

    • Inky

      I appreciate when my typos are pointed out! I am sure I have misspelled "together" all over and I will have to fix that.

      Thank you very much for your kind words.

  3. Sheela

    Aww .. a sad Sabina. :(

    • Steve

      I know! She's certainly not heartless. :( I hope that she has good memories with the old man, just the same.

      • Inky

        There will be more of little Sabina and grandpa.