A word from the dead guy

5 replies to “A word from the dead guy”

  1. man I have to admit I didn't expect this! very original! :D
    I like all these plots, they makes story more interesting... can't wait to read more!

    • Inky

      Sabina on the stage was going to be at the very beginning of the whole comic (no guns back then). Now I am using that discarded part as a twist to introduce new characters and give some background on her.

  2. oh i seeeeeee

    And that's a pretty long critic you've got.

  3. Dragonrider

    Hmmm If they are lovers does he know about her other lovers?

  4. Weiser

    And now the curtain is up to open for the actor's final bow? I don't want to miss this moment. ;)