Homicidal Sabina

10 replies to “Homicidal Sabina”

  1. Dragonrider

    Little older than her usual romp isn't he? Might this be a fantasy scenario they are doing, really don't think she wold shoot someone, she might screw them to death though.

    • Inky

      You are right. Sabina is not the killer type.

  2. that's really twisted!

    looking foward for moar!

  3. Weiser

    I guess that the uncle dreams ...

  4. Random situation for a random comic :D
    Sabina likes older men?

    I like the reflections on the husband's bald head :p

    • Inky

      Not random, only non linear storytelling. The reflections are related to the situation, you'll see soon.

  5. hahaha :D
    nice variation of the "god! my husband!" situation!
    Sabina here looks like a kind of 007 like sexy spy :D

  6. glib24

    She shot Louis?

  7. Plymayer

    Wow! Guess she's a good shot. Welcome back.

  8. Bubbaclaw

    WTH? Did I miss something?