A real gentleman

Not a sexy spy, not an assassin, Sabina is an actress!

I got a kind email this weekend offering critique, something which I really needed. You may read the long review I got here. There are flaws which I am aware of but have been neglecting to face. I hope seeing them written by someone else will give me a nudge to improve. Thanks to Colin McIntyre.

7 replies to “A real gentleman”

  1. AdamGD

    why does the guy have three computers all in a line??

    • Inky

      He is supposed to be in some public internet place. I know it is not so obvious.

  2. I was sure he was copying the files.

  3. chumash99

    While Mar is getting her phone back, her files--and that picture of Sabina--will be all over Facebook. Win some, lose some. ;)

  4. That's a disaster waiting to happen right there...

  5. Steve

    *laugh* What comic with that last sentence could be anything but awesome? o_O

  6. Max Blair

    I like your work. Sexy and cute!