Team spirit

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  1. Stig Hemmer

    I just discovered that you were updating again. Thank you! It is good to have Sabrina and the crowd back.

  2. chumash99

    *Now* she notices her cellphone is missing? How could any girl--especially a girl like Mar--lose track of her phone like that? Oh, well; let's give 3 cheers for "team spirit"! ;)

    • Inky

      Ha, just now. Actually it was a short time, but maybe inserting dreams and flashbacks made it seem longer.

  3. Dragonrider

    And now we see a classic "OH KRAP!!!" moment.

  4. What, we don't get to see the guys peel off?

    And why do they suddenly start caring? I found the lack of concern among the characters about who might be looking at them as they walked the streets of the city half naked or completely naked one of the best things about Ink Dolls - it wasn't realistic, but it made things surrealistic, if that makes any sense.

    • Inky

      Sabina doesn't suddenly care, she doesn't want to give the gardener a free show because she thinks he is the wanker.

      Thanks for your other observations!

  5. Weiser

    Woah, spicy! :-)))