Liberated Mar

Some different shading, but this will not be my new style.

Mar came out more neurotic than ever, I can change that in the dialogs, but I prefer to already post this.

My RSS feed links were still a mess! I was using the wrong permalink shortening plugin and I wouldn't have realized that if I had not redirected my feeds to Feedburner. Then I did some sloppy redirection that caused a loop, but hopefully in the end I did things right and my subscribers will get notified as usual.

4 replies to “Liberated Mar”

  1. Angel looks like he doesn't believe his eyes! XD
    I guess Mar will surprise everyone from now on!

    • Inky

      She will, that is guarranteed.

  2. Wow Mar what are you doing!? That was unexpected, but nice, rzally :D

    • Inky

      There may be more unexpectedness coming, so please don't expect any.