Adventurous but not stupid

8 replies to “Adventurous but not stupid”

  1. I think Mar is more stingy than prude lol

    • Inky

      Uh ok, I didn't get what you mean. But I guess she is not a total prude.

      • I thought she did that for the free meal! lol

  2. Mar behavior changed so much...I'm sure she has an alien plug behind the neck or something XD

    • Inky

      Proby probably abducted her.

  3. wow! Mar is a continuous surprise! I'd never thought she took of her panties in pubblic... I think Sabina has a bad influence on her! XD
    Btw I'm sorry but I didn't get the RSS upgrade of this page, maybe something went wrong?

    • Inky

      Hi Mala. There is nothing wrong. The Feedburner service may take a half hour to notice that I updated, you just happened to show up a few minutes after I posted.

      • ah ok I was just too fast! XD
        but it was just cause I can't wait to read more!!