Mar has readers

Insecure Mar finds herself running out of hate ammo against Sabina after finding a video file.

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  1. Cyberweasel89

    Actually, Nestor spoke once before. Comic #023 "Dummy". Nestor calls Angel "dummy", but it's in a small speech bubble, which I suppose means his voice was small or quiet.

    That makes this the second time Nestor has talked.

    • Inky

      He did speak indeed... But nobody heard him.

  2. Woody Woodrow

    Ohhh great stuff! Glad you went there.

    • Inky

      I'm glad too.

  3. Woody Woodrow

    Too sexy! Who hasn't fallen asleep on the couch like that?

  4. Angs

    Wow, i didn't expect so..And so Mar XD

  5. It seems Néstor dreams so hard.... and maybe Mar helped him to come shaking him in that way XD
    Hey what a shame, he missed her face! d'oh!
    maybe this is the most explicit strip of the comic ...and I like it! :)

    • Inky

      Being touched while asleep could lead to this outcome indeed.

      Yes I had a bit more than the usual nerve to draw this but it was necessary.

  6. Yorp

    lol that's too funny =)

  7. Haha this is so funny. She look's lovely panicked! I'm sure it would be worse if he had woke up.

    • Inky

      He could have just waken up and be looking with surprise at Mar's eyes while he ejaculates. That could work too.

  8. Oooppsss seems Nestor suffer from priapism :p

    • Inky

      He is just having an erotic dream. I think priapism is painful and not related to erotic stimulation.

  9. oh Mar is Fellini's fan, a woman of intellect!

    • Inky

      Mar is inclined to intellectual pursuits.

  10. As for story continuity the strip is going nice, just as I can expect from slice-of-life kind of comic. However there is a lot unanswered questions throughout the story and I don't get the feeling that they will be answered. Maybe that is hurting the continuity feel.

    I never noticed that Mar had something against Sabina. I think she is just normal and Sabina too crazy

    Somehow my brain can't stop thinking that there is hand coming out of the computer screen on the last panel.

    • Inky

      Thank you Mr Spy (hehe)! Yes you have a point! There are too many open questions for such a linear and simple story! I will move some of the answers to an earlier point than originally planned and stop bringing in new ones.

      Also, the first part of your comment, coming from you, had the side effect of taking off a burden of insecurity. I know, silly me.

      (and by comics that had me clueless I meant Hunter Dogs)

      • Nothing to be insecure about man, you're doing a great job!

        Sorry to trick you with Hunter Dogs ^^

  11. Mar is collecting incriminating pictures since long ago in this. What is she up to?

    BTW she stunning in the second and third panel.

    • Inky

      She is, I didn't see the connection. Relates to your comment in the next strip.

  12. Yorp

    personally, i like the slightly off language. i dont know why but it just fits.

  13. Wow an introspective Sabina!

    I don't see the problem with the writing..Do you mean the xhole plot, or just the dialogs?
    As for the dialogs, you can really do better...Young people talking, you can't expect much, and more worked dialogs could sound a little fishy.

    As for the plot evolution..yeah, there's something, i must admit that i never know where you're heading to...Separatly, the strips are funny, and overall it's good, but i'm kinda lost concerning the whole story. But yeah, it's kinda hard to assembly all idead in one and solid block.

    • Inky

      Thanks for your input!

      Angs: I know what you mean, I have been on the other side, feeling clueless when following an ongoing comic.

  14. Mar? What are you doing?! XD

    Well,i didn't saw the vote button until then, i voted

    • Inky

      You didn't see it because it is new. Thanks for voting.