Where did you get that gun?

The dramatic moment you were (or not) expecting.

20 replies to “Where did you get that gun?”

  1. I've been waiting to see what he would do with Alex' gun that he found earlier. I can only say "Oh noes!"

    • Inky

      Oh noes indeed, Memo!

  2. Oh no oh no, he has a gun...AGAIN!

    • Inky

      Only this time he actually fired!

  3. Sheela

    Drunk and bitter Julian with a gun, eh?
    Well, this should be interesting.

    Also, the vote incentive is very nice.
    Mar sure have a complicated concience. :)

    • Inky

      Unfortunately he found alcohol and Ludo left him alone for too long.

      Thanks about the incentive, Sabina has a messed up concience :).

      • chumash99

        I just voted...LOL. ;) Awesome webcomic, and a great way to end the week; everyone loves a cliffhanger.

  4. Bubbaclaw

    Sucks to be our novelist doesn't it?

    • Inky

      Big time.

  5. i didnt expected that. but now i do expect for the bullet not killing him. if he survives, ill be disapointed.

    • Inky

      In a few pages you'll find out wether to be disappointed or not.

  6. Weiser

    Nice light effects on this page!

    • Steve

      I thought so, too! *thumbs up* Even down to the muzzle flash in the last panel. :o

      • Inky

        Thanks. I'm glad you like it.

  7. Crono

    I hope he was either too drunk to hit him, or he wont die!

    Btw, I almost didn't notice that last panel the first time!

    • Inky

      Well I made the last panel small because I was afraid the reader's attention would be immediately dragged to it and the drama spoiled.

      • It definitely worked. I didn't see it coming.

  8. Weber134

    Noooooo! Please make him shoot the roof or something I was starting to like him.

    • Inky

      Oh... I can't change now what's coming up. But I'm glad you were starting to like him.

      • weber134

        Well how could you not like the guy, he's come clean to Mar and not to mention that happy smile in the first panel.