Pearl's tricks

Uh, it's been almost a year, sorry about that.

Project Wonderful closed shop, so I'm left without the little ad revenue I got from this site.

My apologies to the few of you who had subscribed to my neglected Tumblr blog. Someone grabbed the URL as soon as I canceled it. Tumblr has removed all adult content since anyway, so I was going to have to go anyway.

I finally got around to update the VPS this site runs on, which had proven difficult. I hope I did it correctly.

21 replies to “Pearl's tricks”

  1. HumalaDuck

    Welcome back, Inky!  I hope the past year has been kind to you, and I'm looking forward to more hi-jinks from Mar, Sabina, et al.

    • Inkdolls

      Welcome back 😊!

  2. This is a cute one!

    I found this comic through Project Wonderful. As much as I hated what happened to Tumblr, I'm more disappointed in PW for completely closing down.

    • Inkdolls

      Yes, it's a pity, but I guess their reasons were quite valid.

  3. Kona

    Wow, Tumblr and now PW?  Color me sad!  There used to be a vast world outside the mainstream SFW box, but it’s growing smaller all the time.  And now with PW gone, it’s going to be harder to find.  I owe a lot to it for the many enjoyable comics I’m still following, including this one.  

    BTW, welcome back!  I’ve been faithfully checking every few days for updates, and here you are.  I think you have a very imaginative and well-executed concept here, and I would like to see it continue.  I haven’t been able to support very many webcomics over the years, but I will yours if I know a way.  Is Patreon an option, or are they following the Puritan crusade against NSFW?  I’m not keeping up with the media drama much these days.  

    • Inkdolls

      Thanks for your words regarding my comic.

      Yep, it used to be that PW was really useful. in 2011 they suspended the ads on this site because they were afraid Paypal would terminate them for allowing adult content. PW allowed me back in, just a few months before closing down. It was not as great but still useful.

      Regarding subscription platforms, they are also subject to whatever payment processors dictate regarding allowed content. I'm hesitant to go where I might be kicked out again 😁.

      • Kona

        Curse the philistine prudes!  Well, it would take extra work on your part, but perhaps you could also draw a second SFW comic that could provide support for both.  Or would they forbid you to link or even mention the other comic on this page?  One of the things I love about this comic is some of the characters’ uninhibited nudity and risqué exuberance, and it would lose a lot of its zest without that.  

        • Inkdolls

          Well, there are options to explore. Thanks very much for your interest.

  4. Don't worry, we're going to see things bounce back pretty soon I think. The backlash from tumblr's idiocy is going to convince at least a few people it's worth catering to the crowd that likes "adult" content. AKA fucking everyone.

    • Inkdolls

      I wouldn't hold my breath. I don't think the new owners care at all.

  5. Weiser

    Hmm... I'd say that the hat hangs a bit too far down to fit in with Sabina's assumption.

    • Inkdolls

      Good catch. Fixed!

  6. CoolHand

    RSS is the forever of the Internet :)

    • Steve

      RSS is spectacular, but poorly handled.  There's no consistent or dominant way to do RSS feeds, and it's a shame because the potential is spectacular.  Maybe because the format isn't monetized on its own, like Twitter?

      • Inkdolls

        What I find sad is that newer big comic hosting sites are not enabling RSS as if they only want people to sign up and use their in-site notifications.

        • Steve

          That's a shame!  It's so versatile and useful.  It reduces page views, true, but having active, popular creators will change that.

          Too much to ask, I guess.

          • Inkdolls

            The big free webcomic platforms want walled gardens. Authors don't really mind as they get a wider and more immediate exposure than they can get with more work from a standalone site. For me that's frustrating.

  7. ed

    It is good to see the girls (and you) back.
    I am sure that there are more 'tricks' in store.

    • Inkdolls

      Thanks. Yes, Pearl has a bag of tricks.

  8. Hey, it's all right. Good thing I have a habit of keeping feeds in my reader for a year after they stop updating. Welcome back! Too bad about the mess with Tumblr, isn't it.

    • Inkdolls

      Thanks for keeping that habit and sorry for the lack of updates.