As long as we say...

So I have been considering joining that paid subscription site, but it looks like I should first try harder to at least get back the readership I used to have a few years ago.

I'm not so sure the tricks I used back then work now, things have changed a lot. Well, I have to try.

5 replies to “As long as we say...”

  1. Weiser

    Sabina's remark in the last panel wasn't really clever ...

    • Inkdolls

      Ha, no it wasn't.

  2. Woof, I hope you don't.. subscriptions are no good.. donations are good!

    • andromedakun

      I would also prefer some donations kind of thing.

      Have you considered Patreon? It seems to work relatively well for this kind of thing.

      • Inkdolls

        Thanks. I meant that site, sorry I didn't name it.

        I'm still somewhat confused about how it works. I guess it's both things since there are tiers that can be considered as subscriptions.