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4 replies to “Ouch!”

  1. HumalaDuck

    Hooray!  Ink Dolls is back!

    • Inky Malvado

      Hooray, a comment!

      I'm happy to be back.

      • ashtan

        Great to see this back. In the archive part "200" is listed as part "20". Will you be posting regularly for the next months? What happened to your blog and your other ideas? (The link isn’t up anymore.)

        • Inky

          Ha, sorry, there's a bug in the archive page that I need to fix. The new pages are incorrectly being added in alphabetical order in the middle of the page. It shouldn't be chapter 200, but book 2.

          The "blog" was a tumblr page that I wasn't actively updating, so I removed the link.

          As for regular updates, I'll post this little chapter at least and announce what else is on the way.