The sexy space time traveling archer

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  1. Natalie

    Oh this one was FUNNY. Especially the rubber tipped arrow stuck to Mar's forehead. Great revenge with no one hurt. Too bad real people do not behave that way.

    • Inky

      Oh yes, Sabina doesn't really want to hurt too much.

  2. Hey, Sabina is pretty skilled with a bow :p
    "The sexy space time traveling archer" ha ha, could be fun if she made a guest appearance in my comic under that name XD

    • Inky

      Um, I don't know, maybe if she's the actress playing that role, otherwise she would be out of her character. I don't anymore think of Sabina as my all pourpose emblematic character.

      Feel free to base any ideas on the concept though.

      You have however probably given me the winning idea to continue this comic after the 30 or so pages that follow before this comic practically ends. They can't be on vacation forever!

      • In fact, one of my following episodes would have a lot of guest characters. The main plot is about a villain kidnapping females fighters...Sabina could me a guest appereance in one frame or two (and don't worry nothing bad will happen to her.

        And glad i gave you ideas :D

        • I for one am looking forward to her appearance in Battle Suit Girls!

          • Well it should be next chapter^^

          • Inky

            Me too, should be fun.

        • Inky

          I think it's cool! Especially if there are characters from other creators involved.

          I think it's a great idea and I look forward to see what you make of it.

  3. Sheela


    • Inky

      Now Sabina must be quick to shoot on Sunny as well.

      • Sheela

        Shoot sunny ?

        Also, nice vote incentive ... but just how did the peeking toms manage to get all the way up there ?

        • Inky

          They are probably the window cleaners. Very elegant ones.

          And thanks.

          • Sheela

            Elegant ones ?
            Surely not - They are not wearing monocles !

            • Inky

              Good point.

  4. chumash99

    Love the comic, and the vote incentive! "Ink Dolls" has the *best* vote incentives. 'Nuff said. ;)

    • Inky

      Thanks! I finally used that image, it was lost for a while.

  5. Steve

    :D Ah, the folly of hope! You have many more crimes for which to make amends, fair Mar. ;)

    • Inky

      Let's hope she doesn't become a career criminal.

      • Sheela

        A career criminal ?
        Dang, I can just see the student advisor on that one ..

        "Sorry Sabina, your rebellious nature would not work well in a coorporate environment, and your test scores aren't exactly stellar. But have you considered becoming a criminal ? There's an opening in petty theft and seduction over in the local supermarket."


        What's next, picklocking classes 101 ? :)

  6. Weiser

    Guess the hat maches the skirt, but neither both of them nor her backpack match the bra!

    • Lunaroki

      Good point! She should take it off, since it doesn't match the rest of the outfit. :D

      • Inky

        That didn't even cross my mind, but it's a valid point.

  7. Zab

    In the second panel, an extra coil around Mar appears... between the first and second panel, which coil is 'on top' for the original two crossed sets changes. By the fourth panel, at least the top set changes back again. The first coil from the previous comic, which didn't surround Mar's arms, has disappeared in the first panel. The markings on the hose disappeared completely halfway through the previous comic. If Mar is tied to the tree by the hose, one would expect to see the hose lifting from the ground near the tree; instead, it is on the ground completely until it is behind the tree. The angle of the second panel is different from the angle of the first panel (hence the visible chair and apparently moved hose on the ground), but Mar is seen from the same angle, suggesting that she has moved around the tree considerably, which is not really plausible given that she is bound tightly enough that she can't escape.

    How do we explain these many inconsistencies? Space time travelling!

    • I just like to think that Mar squirms *really* nice...

    • Weber134

      Just enjoy the comic!

  8. Daniel

    hahahahahaha just great... I can't wait for more

  9. Seb

    Awesome outfit. :)
    I think she did he right thing combining the hat and the skirt.

    • Inky

      And the bikini.

      • Seb

        I'm not i'd go THAT far. I'd rather she skipped the bikini. ;)

  10. Bubbaclaw

    So what is next up Sabina's sleeve?

    • Inky

      All kinds of trickery.

  11. Weber134

    Mar's not getting out that easy is she?

    • Taiming

      i hope not it would be a shame to let her just when she got tied up.