Happy dreams

Everybody is being naughty, except for Sabina.

Sorry if this is the most redundant page ever, I wanted so much to draw Sabina having happy dreams.

I always draw horses the same way. I need to actually learn to draw them.

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  1. Sheela

    Well, it's good to see that the comic hasn't completely forgotten it's roots. :)

    • Inky

      So um... Not completely?

      • Sheela

        Sabina said no to hot girl-on-girl sex !!
        She would never have done that in the beginning, methinks.

        I'm not saying it's bad ... just different. :)

        • Inky

          I thought you meant this comic lost its roots. :) And that made me wonder what those roots are.

          Oh well, Sabina didn't jump at an oportunity to be in a girl-girl orgy. Not that I wouldn't indulge into drawing that, but she may be changing a little and is no more just a compulsive sex machine.

          • Sheela

            Naw, the comic has made good roots, they won't get yanked up that easily. :)

            As for what kind of root ?
            It's the kind of roots that gets read .. frequently .. by fans !

            And Sabina is no longer a little sex-kitten ?
            Is that Mar's role now ?

            Would be kinda fun if there was a role-reversal going on. :D

        • Everyone has an off-night once in a blue moon...

          • Sheela

            *runs outside to look at the moon*


    • Lunaroki

      Truly! While the serious storylines are all well and good it's the light, playful, innocent, naughty, sexy moments like this that really make this comic shine for me. =)

  2. It's nice to see Sabina's inner little girl surface, even if it is only in her dreams. You did an excellent job, Inky, drawing her a might steed!

    • Inky

      Because of my sometimes poor English I didn't realize you were paying a compliment for the horse, so thanks!

      Whatever little I know about drawing horses though, doesn't come from any study of their anatomy, it comes from looking at carrousel horses!

      • Entiendo. Su íngles es mejor que mi español.

    • Inky

      Ahh yes, that inner little girl is an important part of her character! And your comment makes me realize that!

  3. Daniel

    great. i love sabina's dream that is siriusly awesome!!!

    p.s. Why is pearl being modest?? she is naked almoust all the time why is she covering her...self?? (you know what i mean) hahahahaha just funny! thank you Inky

    • Inky

      Good catch, the hand makes no sense! That was a last minute change which I might revert when this page isn't the most recent one.

      • Lunaroki

        I didn't see it so much as Pearl being modest as Pearl just swinging her hands as she walked and that's where that hand happened to be when the picture was "taken". It actually kind of works for me. Knowing that the naughty bits are right there almost in sight but not quite lets my imagination fill in the fun bits. *drool* I don't mind you changing it out for a more explicit pic, but just letting you know I kind of like it this way. :)

        • Inky

          haha. Well, that's a posible scenario that didn't cross my mind! But that could just as well be the explanation.

          • Daniel

            well all I kow is I loved it it made me laugh for a good 10 minuts... and I can't wait for tomorrows comic that is why im caching up to the conversation at 1:00 am good luck and happy chirstmas eve and a very marry christmas to all

          • Lunaroki

            *grin* Another possible scenario that just occurred to me is that Pearl was sort of rubbing the heel of her hand against her crotch in anticipation of getting some action with the boys after being denied by Sabina earlier. There's a few different ways to look at this scene that don't automatically equal modesty or censorship, and we all know that you like to keep your audience salivating for more. ;)

  4. Kelly

    Seriously awesome - I love how you show Sabina as not being sex-obsessed, or even nudity-obsessed. She's a true innocent in many ways.

    • Inky

      Yes, she is goodhearted and kind of naive sometimes, not always naughty.

  5. Steve

    :D Nah, it's not that redundant. And the irony of Sabina being the calm one, just sleeping through the night, is worthy of a page on its own. At least her special Mostaza is with her. :)

    Plus, I like your horse. Looks fine to me.

    • chumash99

      I like the horse, and I liked the way the girls sneaked off to be with the boys. ;) Sabina's dreams are cute--I wish I had dreams like that. :)

      • Inky

        I am a bit apologetic of my horses because I copy them from carroussels, not from the actual ones.

  6. Bubbaclaw

    I hate it when I'm right sometimes.