My bed, my rules

They will probably sneak into the boys' room anyway.

13 replies to “My bed, my rules”

  1. Sabina hiding behind a pillow? Of course, everyone needs a little modest down time...

    • Inky

      Good observation. I guess she can be modest... sometimes.

  2. Bubbaclaw

    I wonder which one, if not both, of her cousins will end up getting lucky tonight?

    • Inky

      You'll find out soon, and also about Mar.

  3. CHaoS

    well, i in her place would have forbid the toys, but would have allowed my something else.

  4. I don't know if Mar has an influence on Sabina, but she's changing, little by little.

    • Inky

      Yes, she is. But this is the fifth night since the comic started, so the little by little is fast!

  5. Plymayer

    Mostaza has it right!

    • Inky

      Lucky bear.

      • Snark Hunter

        Lucky bear indeed, also is it talking/thinking in the 3rd panel? or is it just my imagination going wild?

        • Inky

          It's just your wild imagination! (Or maybe you can hear him)

  6. Steve

    Lucky Mostaza! :D And they're mocking her for being insatiable? Poor girl just wants to sleep. ;)

    • Inky

      She has to sleep, sometimes.