The hero

Of all places Sabina finds out on television that Julian is close by.

13 replies to “The hero”

  1. nath

    i thought he burned his toupee :S

    • Inky

      The interview was recorded before that. That's why the caption says "a few hours earlier".

      I was going to insert a panel on an earlier page with the interview, but it didn't fit anywhere. I know that can be confusing. Sorry about that.

  2. Sheela

    Getting some exposure on top of it all ?

    Should actually be good for Ludo's book sales. :)

    • Inky

      He benefited from the incident. Well, as long as nobody finds out he is a fake.

      • Sheela

        They actually both benefit from the accident.

        If only they can work some on their problems, they mighthave a way out. Ie. Julian drops his obsession and learns to relax a bit, and Ludo finding a source of inspiration to actually start writing again and publish a new book.

        Heck, even if his new book fails, it would be a personal step forward.

  3. Daniel

    "run for your lives" she has no idea how rigt she is...

    • Inky

      Well, at least she got a heads up.

      • Daniel

        yeah... but is that really an adventage?!

  4. Talk about working your angles!!

    Most excellent Inky, most excellent indeed!!

    • Inky

      I read "working your angels" heh, because the cousin is Angel too.


  5. "Run for your lives" True Sabina, true...XD

    • Inky

      She's warned now.