Grandma is back

Pedaling towards the sunset.

Sailing away with a broom.

Greeting those returning from their journey.(Sorry there's no joke, nudity or violence)

14 replies to “Grandma is back”

  1. No jokes nudity or violence! Damn! è_é

    Well, at least: Mar is having fun. I now, know what the broom was for, Sabina made her special chicken, and most of all: grand-ma is back!

  2. Memo Juez

    Intermingling story arcs, subplots, keeps the mind thinking, "Will it all come together?"

    ...or something like that :-)

    • Inky

      It will come together, you'll see.

      • Memo Juez

        I have complete faith in ya!

  3. Hey, even crazed comics have to catch their breath once in a while. I am sure the jokes, nudity and/or violence will resurface in good time.

    Grandma probably deserves a little break, she just got home!

    • Inky

      I guess she deserves a break! All the other stuff will resurface in time.

  4. Sammi

    Just did an archive binge. I don't even know why I bothered, this thing makes absolutely no sense.

    • Sheela

      The comic had a major cjamge in direction sort of midways ... where it went from a silly comical erotic strip, to a more story driven thing.

      That's probably what confuses you so much.

      But wecome to Ink Dolls, enjoy your stay. :)

    • Daniel

      there is a story, be peitient and you will see!!!

    • Steve

      It's not crystal-clear, but there's a story going on. Plus all sorts of fun stuff. :)

  5. Steve

    Wait, she cooks?!? :o

    • Inky

      She does appearently, she and Mar even teamed up (page 135).

  6. Sheela

    There may not be jokes, nudity or violence in it - But there is a point. :)

    • Inky

      There is a point. Thanks.