Soothing vibrations

I took the first panel from another comic! Because of my laziness Mar is a bit more naked than needed!

9 replies to “Soothing vibrations”

  1. Ronin21

    Mar should take showers more. Not because she's dirty, but because she looks very good naked

    • Inky

      I agree.

  2. Damn, i didn't noticed what Sabina has in her hand XD

    • Steve

      She's a feisty minx, and prone to subtle moves, isn't she? ;)

    • Inky

      Oh yes, a dildo joke!

      • Sheela

        Ah well, at least it's a dildo and not a rubber glove. :D

        • Inky

          Good point.

  3. Kelly

    I can live with that kind of laziness!

  4. Weiser

    Uh, oh ... unpatiently looking forward to the continuation on the next page ..!