Because I'm dead!

Mar abusing Sabina's good faith goes back a long way.

I made these pages months ago. At last they go online!

I actually played this prank on my poor little brother, except for the I'm dead" part."

8 replies to “Because I'm dead!”

  1. Memo Juez

    Mar is still such a prankster, only slightly more subtle now.

    • Inky

      But only slightly.

  2. Sheela

    Daaawww ... Sabina's such a cute kid. :)

  3. Daniel

    awwwww so cute!!

    but seriusly Mar was mean

    • Inky

      Mar is still kind of mean.

  4. Ha ha, poor Sabina! And Nestor talked!

  5. Steve

    :( Aw, poor Sabina.

  6. Weiser

    Mar usually looks so fair and decent, but sometimes - or, concerning Sabina - she becomes a puzzling troublemaker, and it just seems to be only a question of time until Sabina raises suspicion of the police (or her pursuers) - due to nothing.