Home baked cookies

4 replies to “Home baked cookies”

  1. Yeah uncomfortable situation :D

  2. Sheela

    hrm ... this comic has an odd flow to it.
    And it seems Mar is still oblivious to her being his daughter.

    • Inky

      Granddaughter. Making him uncomfortable was the intended joke, um...

      Uhg, I know! I wanted to rearrange the dialogs before submitting... But wasn't much better.

      • Sheela

        Well, sometimes things just don't work out.
        Just chalk it up as a loss, and move on.
        Better than getting stuck on it.

        On a sidenote, some people have a knack for stuff like dialogue, while others have a knack for lineart. You for example, seem to have a knack for backgrounds.

        Take Chloe from Go Get A Roomie (http://gogetaroomie.chloe-art.com/) (NSFW), she has a talent for drawing cute comedy. But I'm sure she also thinks "oh if only I was a little better at X, then I could do Y with it" - It's just how life is.

        The grass is always greener on the other side and all that.
        So it's all about enjoying what you are good at.